This application shows how to integrate different PSI Linked Data sources by querying the RESTFul EnAKTing Backlinking Service. This backlinking service helps to discover RDF resources that are connected to a Linked Data hub such as, dbpedia or Ordnance Survey.

The Backlinking Service relies on a Geographical Service. The geoservice allows one to query for resources that contain or are contained by a given URI. The recent publication of UK Government data sets has highlighted the importance of location based context - geoservice helps users in querying the spatial relations of UK geography (just proper containment so far). The integration of the service with the EnAKTing project's backlinks service shows how geoservice can be used for retrieving Open Linked Data using a geographical context.

The picture below shows the decentralized architecture that feeds RDF resources to the front-end OpenSpace application. The key aspect of this research is the integration of lightweight reasoning services such as co-reference resolution, geographical and backlinks services. These services enhance the connectivity of the Linked Data allowing other applications to find resources easily.

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